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“Your Cake Is Your Canvas” – Creative Workshop


List of Tools and Materials




  • 2 x 10”x 4”

  • 1 x 7” x 4”

  • 1 x 6” x 4”


Note: All dummies must be covered with white fondant and stuck in advance and be ready for the workshop.


  • White liquid airbrush colour

  • Roxy and Rich brand colours

  • Rose

  • Leaf Green

  • Citronelle

  • Violet, Sienna

  • Baby blue

  • Purple iris

  • Eggplant

  • Old rose

  • Black

  • Cocoa

  • French lilac

  • Flesh tone

  • Celery

  • Buttercup

  • Light Lavender

  • Yellow


NOTE: For this project I used Roxy and Rich brand colours. Feel free to use the brand of your choice.  What is important is that your have the same or similar hues to those mentioned above. 

  • Container with water

  • Set of brushes with pointed tips (see picture below)

  • One very fine brush (see picture below)

  • Color palette (for mixing the colors)

  • One cake board, (preferably larger) covered with white fondant (for trying the colors)




  • Gum paste

  • Poppy or rose cutters, two sizes (see picture below) 

  • Wire 20 -22 gauge

  • All-purpose veiner (see picture below)

  • Floral tape

  • Styrofoam dummy where the petals will dry

  • Wire cutters and pliers

  • Printable templates (download here)


Painting brushes                                                   Poppy and Rose cutters & petal veiner               Colours

                                                                                   (James Roselle by NY Cakes)











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